We offer surfboard, SUP, bodyboard, kayak, wetsuit and roof rack rentals. Rental rates are based on a one-day rental (items must be returned before closing on the day the items were rented or within the first hour of opening the next day.) If you rent for a week, get 2 days free.

Equipment Full Day
Stand-up Paddle Board $40.00
Glass-top Surfboard $30.00
Soft-top Surfboard $20.00
Two Person Kayak $50.00
One Person Kayak $40.00
Wetsuit $10.00
Bodyboard $10.00
Roof Rack $5.00
Life Vest $5.00 

 We also offer surfboard and SUP repair services.
- All repairs are on a $35.00 per hour basis
- Bring your board into the shop for a free quote



Sugar Surf Cape Cod runs all of our Surf & SUP lessons. Contact them directly to set up a lesson today!